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Wooden Floors are a sight to see. They can make a home look fantastic, comfortable, elegant, as well as add value to your home if you want to sell. Yet, Hardwood Flooring Boston, like hardwood, are among the most expensive flooring options available for your house. If you plan to install hardwood floors in your home, knowing when to get them repaired will save you money and extend the life of your floors. And for this reason, Floor Renovation Boston is here to give us an understanding of when to renovate any type of wooden floor.

Restoration: Floor Renovation Boston will add to or reconfigure your existing floor if you consider a renovation or addition to your home. We can restore a worn, scratched, dented, or slightly damaged floor to its former glory, whether a plank, parquet, engineered, or cork. We can get the old and new flooring together as one by thoroughly sanding them back. We may also adjust the sheen level of the coating and darken or lighten the wood floors. Punching in nails, removing staples and glue, filling holes with either matching colored filler or slithers of wood, depending on the size of the gap, and preparing a bare wooden floor found during the renovation process are some of the services we can provide.

If you need new Flooring Boston, we will remove and dispose of your old one, whether made of wood, carpet, tiles, or vinyl. Be aware that certain older vinyl items can contain asbestos, which must be removed by asbestos specialists.

Wooden Floor Improvement: We address floors that have been weakened by moisture, scratches, or dents, as well as reattach foundations that have come loose from the subfloor. We do insurance work daily. Most floors can be repaired, so please contact Boston Repair Flooring to schedule an appointment to inspect yours. We will recommend a replacement if your floor is considered irreparable.

Common Problems of Wooden Floor: Everyone wants a flawless floor, yet several factors can influence a timber floor after it has been built. Since wood is a natural product, seasonal forces such as heating and cooling cause some movement. This is why we add expansion gaps along the edges of all of our floors. Heat sources such as the sunlight go through large windows without UV cover, blinds or curtains, appliance vents, and excessive or rapidly changing heating can all cause movement in your floor. Moisture, whether hidden under the floor or caused by flooding above, can affect.

The Wear and Tear Signs of Wooden Floor and How to Repair

Woodborer: indicates by small pinholes in your floor. The borer burrows into the wood before popping out, leaving a small opening. Boston Repair Flooring will sand your board; then, we reveal the entire hole it created within the wood by removing the top layer.

Staples and Carpet Nails: Carpet has been built on several old floors in the past. When we know a carpet has recently been replaced, we inspect it and remove as many nails and staples as possible. On the other hand, your base could have been sanded before and still have staples or nails embedded deep inside it. These cut into our machines' sanding paper, causing swirling marks on your surface. We will do the proper way to mend it.

Wet Line Marks: Timber flooring is commonly used in the home. If you only sand and apply polyurethane to a portion of the timber floor (say, one room), be mindful that a wet line will appear where the old and new polyurethanes touch.

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Floor Renovation Boston is sought after for repairs, renovations, or even replacements of the wooden floors. Call us, and we would gladly go to your place to check your wooden floor.

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